burst your bubble

Chat with people you disagree with.

Our mission 😍

We believe that traditional media and social networks are putting people in echo bubbles. People only hear news and opinions that are the exact same as their own; ignoring the other side and the valid opinions that they have.

Our mission is to change that.

Anonymity 🧐

We only use a person's first name and not their full name in the app. That way they can't be tracked or found outside the app by abusers.

Trolls 🤬

We hate trolls as much as the next person. We've done a lot to reduce trolling in the app. We approve all topics before they're posted. You can terminate any chat and the person can no longer message you. Also, we find that trolls are discouraged by the one-on-one chat nature of the app. They tend to prefer mediums where they can target more people.

So far, we've experienced no instances of trolling on the app.

Press 🎖

We're humbled by the feedback we've gotten. Burst has been featured on The Chronicle, The Courier and BBC Newcastle Radio.